What I don't get about Manny's suspension

Baseball fans everywhere today were probably either very shocked or saying “I told you so” at the reports that Manny Ramirez was suspended 50 games for a banned substance. There is one thing about this that I do not get: The Los Angeles Dodgers star said he did not take steroids and was prescribed medication […]

The No-Deal for Teixeira

Imagine my shock when my friend Matt messaged me that Mark Teixeira signed with the Yankees. While I wasn’t exactly thrilled with him¬†possibly¬†going to the Red Sox either, Teixeira going to the Yankees was a momentary kick in the gut I didn’t want two days before Christmas. In the short term, it is a great […]

Goodbye Manny

With yesterday’s trade of Manny Ramirez, it marked the end of an era in Red Sox history. Gone forever are the self absorbed superstars that Theo Epsetin inherited when he became GM. It took 5 years, but they are gone. Now we have a team comprised of professionals, many who fit the classic dirt dog […]

Baseball trade rumors masters

This is a plug and a worthy one at that. If you have any interest in baseball, subscribe to the RSS feed for the fantastic MLBTradeRumors.com blog. These guys are the masters of tracking down every rumor of any remotely possible trade in Major League Baseball, even at the minor league level. They seriously must […]

Toronto is for real

After this series against the Toronto Blue Jays, I agree that they are a contender in the AL East and are going to be major pests this season for the Red Sox. I am also glad to say they are going to be major pests for the Yankees too.

2008 Fantasy Baseball team

After the past few years (getting out of school, moving in with my girlfriend, getting in engaged to my girlfriend, and of course marrying her), I finally have some free time. Well, after I figure out how to buy this place and how to stay sound financially, but yeah, I have some free time. Diving […]

Thoughts before opening day

There is nothing like opening day in baseball. You instantly feel like winter is behind you, whether or not you still have snow on the ground. You feel endless optimism as spring all the sudden starts appearing: your first week of 40+ degree temperatures, when the reports of snow remain confined to the north country […]

Dear TBS

I get the hint. You want us to watch FrankTV. Just in case we miss the commercial, you have kindly decided to play it every freaking’ commercial break, at least once with a few 2 times sprinkled in (heck, I am sure you threw a three-peat in there somewhere). Since this isn’t nearly enough, you […]