Simmons says the NBA playoffs need to be fixed

Bill Simmons just wrote an article saying the NBA Playoffs need to be fixed. Very interesting points, but I would go further.

I don’t remember the last time I watched the playoffs from the first game to the last, regardless of who was playing. I haven’t watched a game in this season’s NBA finals (or conference finals for that matter) this season. In fact, I didn’t even watch LeBron’s 48-point performance.

You know why I am not watching the NBA Finals? The fact it is mid-June and basketball is STILL playing. It has been 3 months since March Madness. Baseball is basically at the halfway point of their season and the NBA is STILL playing.

You want to fix the NBA playoffs? Shorten the length of the regular season, cut the number of teams that make the playoffs, and if needed, lower at least the first series to 5 games. April is the perfect time to end the NBA playoffs, NOT June. If the Cavs weren’t going to be swept, this thing could stretch to almost July!

Then maybe I will care. Instead, I will just watch the Red Sox.

Top 10 Sports Moments

Kevin Drum posts an interesting list on his blog…his personal Top 10 Sports Moments that he saw either live in person or live on TV.

Here is mine (note: these are the only ones that I either attended or watched on TV, and that I actually remember):

  1. The final out of Game 4 of the 2004 World Series…with me tearing up right before hand and bursting out crying afterwards, rolling on the ground while my girlfriend looked at me in disbelief.
  2. Games 4-7 of the 2004 ALCS: The most improbable comeback in sports history began with a epic 14-inning game and Big Papi’s walk-off HR…the next day saw another epic 14-inning game with a walk-off single by Big Papi (notice a trend here…)…a couple days later, Curt Schilling pitches on one leg and throws a gem, and Game 7 Johnny Damon and the Red Sox mopped up the mess that was the New York Yankees.
  3. 2001 Super Bowl: Less then a minute left, tie game, no timeouts, and everyone (including infamously John Madden) outside of New England telling Tom Brady to run the clock out for overtime. Brady instead executes a perfect drive into field goal range and Vinatieri nails the game winning field goal as time expires…the first walk-off field goal in Super Bowl history.
  4. The Snow Game: It had everything, from a full-blown blizzard, a controversal call (Tuck Rule), the first of Tom Brady’s now famous comebacks, overtime, and the most clutch/hardest/spectacular field goals in NFL history by Adam Vinatieri.
  5. 2001 World Series: Rivera blows up and the Yankees lose in Game 7.
  6. Pedro comes out of the pen: Game 5 of the 1999 ALDS vs. the Indians. An offensive slugfest, with neither side’s pitching able to hold down the fort and it is just 3 innings into the game. Pedro, injured early in the series with a pulled muscle in his back and written off by everyone, all the sudden emerges from the bullpen and enters the game. The crowd in Cleveland goes silent, the Indians players stare with facial expressions that were well into that fear territory…everyone watches Pedro in horror, realizing that the game was over…it was with 6 perfect innings from a pitcher that lost 10 MPH off of his pitches due to his injury. Later described by him as the most pain he has ever pitched through…by far.
  7. Kerry Wood’s 20 strikeout game: I have never seen a pitcher so unstoppable…his curveball was FILTHY and his performance was even better then Roger Clemens’ 20-strikeout games (1 of which I saw).
  8. Jordan’s “last” shot: We all thought this was his last ever shot and what a great way to go out as it turned out to be the winning basket. But MJ had to ruin this…
  9. Ray Bourgue finally does it: Ray didn’t win it with his beloved Bruins, but he finally got his Stanley Cup. Another event that made me cry with joy and the only time I have ever cried when it did not involve a hometown team. For a week and a half, all of New England was a Colorado fan.
  10. Greatest comeback in NBA Playoff History: The Celtics were down over 20 points in the 4th quarter against with minutes to play and pull off the greatest comeback in NBA playoff history.

Celtics destroyed

Well, it wasn’t meant to be. The Celtics fell to the Pacers in Game 7.

The offseason should be pretty interesting. The team can go lots of different directions. I hope they keep moving in the direction of getting young…Al Jefferson is going to be one heck of a player.

The Red Sox are now going to get my attention 100% of the time now. Go Sox!

Do or die

Tonight is the most important game of the season for the Boston Celtics. Their backs are against the wall, there really is no tomorrow. They must win to force a Game 7 vs. the Indiana Pacers.

Given what this series has shown so far, no one knows what is going to happen. It could be a blowout by either team. It could be a close win by either team. Or anything in between. Heck, no one can even agree on the starting lineup for the Celtics.

My theory on tonight? Look for the Celtics to be constantly changing up their game plan, making the Pacers adapt to them instead of the other way around. Look for the Celtics to try small ball, big ball, and everything in between. Look for the Celtics to play great defense.

My guess? We will see a Game 7 on Saturday.

Why not us?

Celtics kick Pacer butt

Game 4 tonight was great. The Celtics destroyed the Pacers. This is playoff basketball baby!

The Red Sox also had an impressive win against the Rangers.

It is absolutely amazing to be in the center of the sports universe these days.


This week’s episode of 24 was simple amazing. Who knew Cloe was a badass? Any show that has me missing most of the 2nd half of Game 2 (Celtics/Pacers) has got me completely hooked.

Pisses me off though the Celtics lost. These Pacers played tough tonight, but I doubt they can do that for the next 5 (max) games.

Why not us too?

Except for a brief resergence around 2001-2002, the Boston Celtics have been pretty much out of the picture in the Boston sports scene since the end of the Larry Bird era. I watched a lot of games during those years, through the awful M.L. Carr coached team to the Pitino false promises years to the bombs away years of Jim O’Brien. Now its Danny Ainge’s and Doc Rivers’ turn at this. Except this time, they are delivering what they promised: exciting basketball that remembers everyone of the old days.

The Celtics are 10-1 since the return of Antoine Walker. They have played with passion, they never give up, and they have infected all of us fans.

Can we dream of #17? Of course we can!

So I must ask the question…it may sound familar, because of a band of “idiots” coined the term last fall…but it fits this team perfectly.

Why not us?

The basketball world is against us, but you can never say never. The Red Sox proved it and the Celtics can very well prove it again.

Walker returns to Boston

Antoine Walker is a Celtic again. has the scoop along with a great writeup from The NBA Source.

This deal is so interesting on so many levels, from the Pierce/Walker reunion to Walker/Ainge’s general dislike for each other, to Payton being traded (with rumors of him being waived and resigning with the Celtics) and so more…

Protentially, assuming Payton is waived by the Hawks and resigned by the Celtics, this could go from one of the youngest teams in the NBA to one with a stable veteran core and some great young players coming up. It also puts the Celtics in a position to make the playoffs and do some damage there.

I love this deal. The Celtics have shown flashes of what they are capable of all season long, but this deal has everyone talking again about the Celtics. WEEI’s airwaves were lit up all afternoon on my way home from work with excited callers and Celtics talk…that is a rare thing on WEEI. TV ratings will definitely rise for at least the first week after this trade which protentially could get a bump in ticket sales too.

Go Celtics…I may actually enjoy this ride!