Why I don't need a new car

It’s amazing how tempting a new car is. You see the car on the ads, on the road, and/or hear friends talk about it. You dream about what it would be like to have that new car smell, an odometer that has single digit miles on it, and not a scratch on it. In particular, […]

The one constant about cars

If there is one constant in the universe about cars, it is that they break. Sooner or later, it happens. In my experience, it always seems to be when I just received something like an overtime check or a bonus. Never fails! This golden rule regarding cars can also occur when the last thing you […]


Since I started hypermiling, I increased my Subaru Forester’s mileage from ~24 mpg to ~30 mpg, a 6 mpg increase. Pretty amazing for a car that is basically an SUV. The hypermiling tricks I use is going about 60 mph on the highway (instead of ~65mph)  and I try to coast to stops instead of […]

A snowy commute

When I decided to take my current job in Concord in April 2006, I knew that during the winter it had the potential of some real nasty commutes. For those of you who don’t know, the stretch of I-93 between Manchester and Concord can be quiet bad during the winter. Especially with the idiots who […]