There is a limit now

I learned an important lesson today. About a week ago, a person I know asked me where they could get antivirus protection for free on their computer. Due to budget constraints, they weren’t willing to buy any of the common antivirus products. Being the type of person I am (always trying to help those with […] offers Mac support

Ever wanted a quick and easy way to remote control your Mac (or PC for that case) from any Internet connection? Try out Fantastic service, secure, it is free, and works great. I have mine setup to remote into my home Mac and my family’s computers. Only downside is now I can’t use the […]

Why the Zune 1st Generation will fail

Fellow geeks today probably know that Microsoft has released the long awaited “iPod-killer”, aka the Zune. Already there is two big issues Microsoft has to overcome in my above statement: Geeks know about the Zune, but not the average music listener. I just asked my fiancee if she knows what a Zune is. She gave […]