Ditch IE

You know it has been a bad week for Microsoft when a part of the Federal government (in this case, the Department of Homeland Security) recommends that users dump Internet Explorer and use an alternative browser due to increasing security concerns.

I know I wrote about it recently, but if your looking for an alternative browser, give Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 a shot. You won’t be disappointed and your chances of security problems greatly diminish, although understand even Mozilla products have security problems from time to time (just not as many and not as bad as IE).

Hotmail Returns?

Looks like Microsoft wasn’t going to stay behind the pack in the free e-mail wars for long. Hotmail has announced that it will now offer 250MB of free storage right away and will offer 2GB if you pay your soul to them. The storage bump will begin in early July.

So by my count, the three major e-mail providers now offer:
GMail: 1GB free, no paid storage (yet)
Yahoo Mail: 100MB free, 2GB paid
Hotmail: 250MB free, 2GB paid

Looks like Yahoo and Hotmail did what they hope was a “just enough” upgrade that it won’t lose any users to Gmail, despite the massive differences in storage sizes compared to Gmail. You must remember, Gmail’s appearance caught everyone off-guard (remember that everyone at first thought it was one of Google’s famous April Fools jokes?). Google’s infrastructure is very scalable, apparently Yahoo’s and Hotmail’s isn’t as easily to expand as they first had to figure out how to answer Gmail, then upped their storage limits “just enough” so they won’t lose customers (their hope), but well short of Gmail.

Interesting though that Hotmail, long the e-mail provider with the smallest storage space (2MB!!!) is now a 150MB more then Yahoo Mail. I would not be surprised if Yahoo ups its storage a little more because of this. Also expect the free e-mail wars to heat up if Gmail really catches on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yahoo and Hotmail jump their storage capacities up more, especially when Gmail is opened to the public.

Thanks but no thanks Yahoo and Microsoft, I’ll stick with Gmail.

Oh and I have invitations if anyone wants any 😉

Return of the IE development team?

I know I said I wasn’t going to blog much today, but oh well 😉

Several blogs and now Slashdot are starting to buzz around the Internet about the possible resurrection of the Internet Explorer development team.

Are the “Browser Wars” truly back? There hasn’t been two heavyweight browsers that are being improved at the same time since the late 1990s. Only time will tell (and several versions, since Microsoft never gets things right the first time).

This can only be good news for those in the standards crowd (which includes me). More browsers that are standards-complaint = more cooler things you can do with web browsers. Competition is always good.

The only thing left to do is to actually have a new version of IE released. Right now, any thought of a new version is vaporware.

Support our troops – send them Gmail invites

Wil Wheaton (most known as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: TNG) has posted on his blog a request for fellow nerds to donate their Gmail invites to troops who are serving overseas. Actually makes a lot of sense. The 1 GB of space that Gmail offers is perfect for photos, movies, sound files, and lots of e-mails from family and friends of the soldiers.

Right now it looks like the best way to donate your invites is to go onto Gmail Swap, although it appears there are people who are trying to organize a dedicated web site for this task. Good luck to them and donate your invites!