Why I love Google Reader

A week or two ago, Google Reader was completely redesigned. At the time, I was using NewsFire, a very solid newsreader for OS X. However, there were many minor quirks that got to me. The new Google Reader resolved those quirks. I cannot get enough of it now. What do I love about the new […]

Virus/phishing hybrid?

Ed Bott is reporting that some customers of American Express have experienced a new type of phishing that at least I haven’t seen yet. It looks like it is some type of spyware/malware on a computer that recognizes when you visit a site like American Express. Extremely scary and I cannot imagine how many people […]

2006 Predictions

Well everyone is doing them, so I might as well join in… Apple will come out with at least one Intel laptop in January and will completely switch to an Intel-based lineup by Fall 2006. Firefox will reach 15% of the browser market. I will not get in 1 car accident in 2006. I already […]