Ulta High Security Password Generator

Steve Gibson of the Security Now! podcast has created an Ultra High Security Password Generator. For those of you who are very paranoid about making sure no one hacks into your wireless connection, this page is for you. No more weak wireless passphrases.

The cool part? The page is a SSL page, so it is securely transmitted over the Internet. It is marked as expired in 1999, so no ISP will cache it, and each key is only displayed once without ever being reused again.

Basically the passphrases generated are uncrackable or as close as it gets to that.

Recall of Sony CD's

Sony has announced it will recall 18 CD’s that have its rootkit technology. Details will be released soon.

About time. Now how about an uninstall program that doesn’t phone home and that actually restores a computer back to its former state?

I hope all forms of DRM get a serious revaluation after this episode. Content is not meant to have restrictions.

Sony should also post a press release on their site and needs to put a noticeable notice on the front of its website. I just checked their site and neither has happened yet.


FolderShare looks like a killer application. Basically it syncs files between computers using P2P technology.

So for example, you could keep an exact copy of your music folder on both of your computers, automatically synced as you add music. Or say you want to be able to access files from work at home.

Pretty cool just reading about it. I might check this out.

CellStik simplifying cell phone backups

Now this has some serious protential. CellStik is a simple USB drive with a connector on one end that allows you to plug it into your cell phone. You then press a button and instantly your address book on the phone is completely backed up.

What is even cooler? You can then go to another phone (has to be the same phone company at the moment), plug in the CellStik, and have your address book uploaded to the phone.

Talk about a cool way to transfer contacts to a new phone. Also of course you can plug the USB part of the CellStik into your computer and with a “simple” program add/change/delete contacts from your address book. Then plug the CellStik back into your phone and upload the changes.

Looks like the only negative with this is the fact that you need to literally buy two of them if you have two phones by separate cell phone companies.

Cool idea.