Recall of Sony CD's

Sony has announced it will recall 18 CD’s that have its rootkit technology. Details will be released soon. About time. Now how about an uninstall program that doesn’t phone home and that actually restores a computer back to its former state? I hope all forms of DRM get a serious revaluation after this episode. Content […]


FolderShare looks like a killer application. Basically it syncs files between computers using P2P technology. So for example, you could keep an exact copy of your music folder on both of your computers, automatically synced as you add music. Or say you want to be able to access files from work at home. Pretty cool […]

Microsoft to remove Sony DRM

Good work Microsoft. I didn’t think they would have the stones to do it, but they will be providing signature updates to Windows Antispyware and the Malicious Software Removal Tool to get rid of that Sony DRM that is on some CD’s. Thankfully some major corporation has a clue about this stuff. I refuse to […]