One dollar at a time

Operation Debt Reduction is going well. Thanks to paying off some old debt, tightening up the finances a little bit, and working with the good folks at Comcast to reduce my monthly bill, my debt snowball is starting to work. Also due to this month being an extra paycheck month (5 weeks = 5 paychecks, […]

No more technology debt…

As of today, I have no debt related to technology. My HDTV has officially been paid off. My computer equipment (Macbook, printer, router, etc.) and PS3 have been paid off for awhile. Spending on technology is a weakness of mine. Give how quickly technology depreciates, it is something really hard to keep in check. I […]

Debt snowball in full effect

I just sent in the payment that will officially pay off my HDTV two years early (I had no interest until 2010 on it). Why pay off something I have no interest on for two more years? Because I am following the Debt Snowball method of reducing debt. It is completely right too: tackling the […]