First web site

I am 100% sure this is going to come back to haunt me. My brother Justin and I randomly were just now randomly searching the web and stumbled across our first ever web sites, still running thanks to GeoCities (guess they never delete old accounts). This was from 1996 (11 years ago) when I was […]


Katie and I just got back from watching Hitch. Great movie, hilarious and something almost anyone can relate to in a way (awful pickup lines and moves for example). It is one of those movies that probably won’t lose replay value over time. Meaning, a definite buy when it comes out on DVD I think.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Heading up to my parents house for the next day and a half. Enjoy! I plan on listing for the first time Nirvana’s “With The Lights Out,” their supposedly excellent boxset collection. Picked it up for $27.98 at Target. Can’t go wrong.

Being productive

It is amazing how productive I can be at times. I completely cleaned the kitchen this weekend so that it looks like brand new. My computer area is completely cleaned out, organized, and everything put away neatly. I even entertained the thought of going through my stack of paperwork that needs to be organized, but […]