Disabling shared calendars & alerts on iPhone & iOS

I recently moved from using the Microsoft Exchange sync capability with Google Apps to IMAP, CardDAV, and CalDAV due to some bugs I was hitting. But this meant that all of the shared calendars began firing off alerts for my phone.

Turns out Google offers a page that allows you to toggle which calendars sync with your phone.

  1. Go to https://www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect
  2. And then select which calendars you want to display.
  3. Save the changes.

Once that is done, open up the calendar app on your iPhone or iOS device and go to the screen where it shows the list of calendars. You should only see (and receive alerts) for the calendars selected previously.

Moving away from Google Apps?

I’ve grown more and more disappointed with Google Apps for my gonyea.com email as time goes on. Probably the biggest issue is the lack of proper support for IMAP, which causes many email clients such as Apple Mail to have issues with syncing to Gmail. Also the continuing bad stories of Google breaking their “do no evil” promises from their early years.

Looking at the alternatives out there and I haven’t found an exact silver bullet yet. I require complete email, contacts, and calendar support for a custom domain (gonyea.com) that works with iPhone and Windows Phone devices.

  • Outlook.com looks intriguing with IMAP support and a nice, clean interface, but it is missing DKIM support and I yet to know a single person who uses them for their own domain. My brother does work for Microsoft, so this would be very nice for him as he is totally in the windows ecosystem. Microsoft has done much better with interoperability lately, which comforts me on the iPhone side.
  • Fastmail.fm gets rave reviews and they seem to know email inside/out, but they don’t offer calendar or contact syncing yet.
  • As someone completely in the Apple ecosystem, if iCloud offered support for custom domains I would seriously consider moving there. Yet, there is no sign of Apple being interested in hosting mail for custom domains.
  • There are few other players that I have found so far.

I’m curious to hear what everyone else’s opinions are and if there are any alternatives out there to the ones I’ve mentioned here?

The plan to move to Gonyea.com

A few months ago I acquired Gonyea.com from a domain squatter. I haven’t done much with the domain due to time restraints, but I am edging closer to at least begin working on moving over my online presence to it. Here are my initial plan:

I have signed up for Google Apps for the domain. The free version does everything I need, whether it is e-mail, calendar, contacts, etc. I do not need to worry about running a mail server and I can use Google Apps on any device I own.

In one sense, moving e-mail over to Google Apps would be easy. Setup a filter on Gmail to do all of the hard work and that is it. Yet it really isn’t that easy. The perfectionist in me would require that every online account I own be immediately switched over, which will take hours to do all of the updates. Then again, do I really want a bunch of web sites to know about my new e-mail address?

My calendar right now is just hosted on my home computer and isn’t synced in the cloud. I will use this opportunity to move everything over to Google Calendar.

I plan on configuring my iPhone and my iPad to both use Gmail & Google Calendar via the Google Sync feature. Instantly I will have over the air calendar and contact updates, plus push e-mail.

I am almost certain I will just 301 redirect to chris.gonyea.com. I just have to setup the proper .htaaccess rules and setup WordPress on chris.gonyea.com.