Well, the first try didn't work well

As one of my Christmas gifts to my wife, I bought her a Netflix subscription. I started her at the 1 DVD at a time plan ($8.99 a month) so I could see how much she uses it and likes it without breaking the bank. She absolutely loved the gift. The downside to starting at […]


I just read a very interesting comparison of Luke and Anakin. Basically, why Anakin fell to the dark side and Luke didn’t. Outside of the obvious fact that it made for a good story (as George Lucas hinted at the end of the article), this article shows what we can learn from stories like Star […]

Episode 3

I saw Episode 3. By far the best of the prequels and to me, better then Return of the Jedi. The battles were spectacular. Anakin’s transformation into Vader was done just right. The Emperor should get an oscar for his performance…I was amazed by what he could do. The execution of Order 66 was perfect, […]