John Lennon's music is now on iTunes

Just noticed that John Lennon’s music is now on iTunes. Not only that, it is 256kbps DRM-free copies too! iTunes Plus is really making me buy more music. 5 seconds later, I bought the Lennon Legend “greatest hits” album. Now I finally can listen to “Imagine” and his other classics.

Goodbye DRM

So Apple now has high quality DRM-free music on iTunes (for just EMI labels at the moment, but that should change quickly). I went right away to see what songs I had purchased are eligible to be upgraded for $0.30 apiece. Only 4 songs (and 2 of those are songs Katie bought that I wouldn’t […]

Thoughts on the Apple & EMI DRM deal

As most people who follow tech news know, Apple did something extremely important yesterday with the help of a ‘Big 4’ record company, EMI. The two companies struck a deal to release EMI’s entire catalog onto iTunes DRM-free and at a much higher sound quality starting in May 2007. Singles will cost $1.29 apiece, while […]

iTunes Plugin – iConcertCal

Check out this really neat iTunes plugin called iConcertCal. It basically scans your iTunes library for bands, compares the list to a couple of sites that contain concert info, then displays on a calendar inside of iTunes what bands have shows coming up in your area. I already noticed a couple shows I didn’t know […]