Condo owners

As of yesterday, my wife and I own our first home: the condo we have lived in for the past four years. My father-in-law sold it to us and the transaction was finally completed yesterday. We are very happy and can’t wait to start making some improvements to this place. Assuming it is affordable, we […]

It has been one week

Well it has been one week since…that truly awful day…when my cousin Jen… It is odd how grief works. I will be going along, joking around or having fun, and then that little sliver of a memory will be somehow be remembered and instantly I am saddened again. Whenever one of those memories pops into […]

It has been rough

The past few days have been really rough with my cousin tragically passing away. Being her cousin as well as a classmate of mine in high school, naturally we would have many of the same friends, especially in a class of 39 people (yes, that is no typo). So it has been my duty to […]

May angels lead you in

I lost one of my cousins today. We went to high school together and were really close. I don’t know why she decided to leave us, but I hope she is in a better place. She deserves it. I just wish it wasn’t so soon. R.I.P. Hug someone you love tonight. You never know when […]