Countdown Special Comment

What I tried to write yesterday pails in comparison to what Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment was tonight. In essence: that President Bush & Vice President Cheney should resign. No matter your political affiliation, I hope you spend a couple minutes and watch this video.

Crazy day yesterday

It isn’t often you can wake up at 4:00am in order to see your cousin graduate from college. Well, that is what I did yesterday. The main reason for the early wakeup call? Not one, but two Presidents of the United States were speaking (George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton) at UNH’s graduation. I […]

Yesterday is Tomorrow

We have finally woken up. With the election yesterday bringing an overwealming victory by the Democrats. I couldn’t be happier. Because for the first time in six years, we will again have our checks and balances working again. As some of you know, I am an independent when it comes to politics, fiscally conservative and […]

Building a Better Voting Machine has a very interesting article titled Building a Better Voting Machine. The article discusses what can be done to create the simplest, most secure, and most accurate voting machine out there. The idea is to minimize the possible ways a voting machine could be compromised, provide an audit trail the voter can verify, and […]

Corrupt Politics

Couple interesting articles I read today on corrupt politics in this country. – 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress Washington Post – Ties to GOP trumpted skill on Iraq team I’m hoping beyond hope that there is lots of new faces in D.C. come November. But seeing how corrupt things are these days, it […]

The Worst President in History?

I just finished reading this Rolling Stone article titled “The Worst President in History?”. It is sad that I agree with every single point made in it. This is while trying as hard as I can to be objective. To have someone like this running the country makes me so angry and sad.