Beyond belief

I never knew the police technically can’t enforce a restraining order. What is the point of taking one out if it can’t be enforced? Let’s hope the Supreme Court fixes that issue. What a sad story.

Election reform

Krist Novoselic (he was the bassist for some band called Nirvana) has some interesting suggestions for election reform. I must say, I agree 100%. The election system is broken and it is sad when myself, a political junkie, lost faith in a system that elected a total joke as our President twice now and the […]

Well it happened

By now, every person not living with their head in a hole knows that Bush won his reelection. It is time to get something off of my chest. To me, it was a choice between unbelievably awful and very awful this election. Two classic politicans, that are willing to twist their words in every possible […]

Advice on elections

Pretty interesting article today about the U.S. getting election advice from outsiders. From former President Jimmy Carter to election observers from Europe and other areas of the world (Tajikistan!?!?), they are trying to help the U.S. fix any lingering issues with making sure votes count, voters who should vote can vote, elimination of voter fraud, […]

Record new voters

If there was anything good that has come out of the debacle that was the 2000 election (unless you are a Republican and voted for George Bush I suppose, although I don’t know how anyone can call such a flawed and poorly run election a success for either side), it is the fact that it […]