A new direction

As my friend Rico said to me, the only way to get out from underneath writer’s block is to write.

So I am going to do that.

I am going to take this blog into a very different direction. While I will continue to do a lot of writing on technology matters since that is my career and area of expertise, I am going to branch out into many other subjects. The goal is to diversify my thoughts and spark some creativity.

So I have renamed this blog to “Chris Gonyea’s Revelations,” a title I think matches what direction I am going with my writing.

Let the writing begin.

Some changes

I have been on a blogging binge the past few days (well by my standards anyways). To celebrate, as some of you noticed, I changed my blog theme a few days ago. This is the first theme that I am truly happy with. It actually has fit what I have imagined my blog looking like. The good thing is someone had the skills to come up with the design, unlike me.

The main photo at the top of my blog is a picture of Lake Sunapee I took from the top of Mount Sunapee two weeks ago. That area surrounding the lake is where I grew up and where I spent the first 22 years of my life, before I moved to Manchester a few years ago. It will always be home for me and will always be on my mind. That is why I thought it was a fitting photo for my blog.

Why I use DreamHost

Those few souls who are regular visitors to my site probably noticed some uptime issues the past few weeks. My web host DreamHost was having problem after problem. It was getting quite annoying and I even thought about leaving DreamHost.

However, in probably the best case of telling the truth that I have seen in a long time, DreamHost came clean and took the blame for the outage. They even took blame for things they really couldn’t control.

That is why I have my site hosted by them. Their honesty and genuine effort to keep their services up is quite impressive. While I would recommending waiting until DreamHost has restored their reputation of reliability, I would not hesitate recommending them afterwards.

Bad Behavior 2.0 alpha 3

I have installed Bad Behavior 2.0 Alpha 3 on my site. Akismet has been very effective (maybe 1 or 2 spam are missed per 300-400 comment spam with no false positives), but I had to go through the 400+ comment spam it catches every 2-3 days and I would love if the obvious stuff is just blocked before it reaches Akismet. The less work I have to do with comment spam, the better.

So Bad Behavior will be combined with Akismet to effectively shut any chance of a comment spammer getting a comment posted on this site. If Bad Behavior misses it, Akismet should catch it. Already this morning, 47 spam attempts were blocked by Bad Behavior. Fantastic!

Upgraded to WP 2.0 RC3

Just upgraded the blog to Release Candidate 3 for WordPress 2.0.

Why did I do this on a live blog?

I have been playing along with it for a few days on my iMac. It is a stellar upgrade for WordPress, if only for the integrated WYSIWYG editor. Seems to be working extremely well.

So I decided to live dangerous and give it a go on a live blog.

While I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to RC3 until the final version of 2.0 is out, I do recommend at least doing a test install of it. That way, you can easily check out the new features and make sure you can do a safe upgrade.