A new direction

As my friend Rico said to me, the only way to get out from underneath writer’s block is to write. So I am going to do that. I am going to take this blog into a very different direction. While I will continue to do a lot of writing on technology matters since that is […]

Some changes

I have been on a blogging binge the past few days (well by my standards anyways). To celebrate, as some of you noticed, I changed my blog theme a few days ago. This is the first theme that I am truly happy with. It actually has fit what I have imagined my blog looking like. […]

Why I use DreamHost

Those few souls who are regular visitors to my site probably noticed some uptime issues the past few weeks. My web host DreamHost was having problem after problem. It was getting quite annoying and I even thought about leaving DreamHost. However, in probably the best case of telling the truth that I have seen in […]

Bad Behavior 2.0 alpha 3

I have installed Bad Behavior 2.0 Alpha 3 on my site. Akismet has been very effective (maybe 1 or 2 spam are missed per 300-400 comment spam with no false positives), but I had to go through the 400+ comment spam it catches every 2-3 days and I would love if the obvious stuff is […]