The LOST finale

Last night my favorite show of all-time aired its last episode. LOST was finally done after a mind bending six season. I have been organizing my thoughts regarding the entire series and its conclusion all day. As sad as I am to see it go, it was time. I first started watching between season 1 […]

Dear TBS

I get the hint. You want us to watch FrankTV. Just in case we miss the commercial, you have kindly decided to play it every freaking’ commercial break, at least once with a few 2 times sprinkled in (heck, I am sure you threw a three-peat in there somewhere). Since this isn’t nearly enough, you […]

Some HD rants

Just a few HD rants to share with you: Not making the effort in the little places: NESN outside of ESPN probably is the best HD sports channel in the country. Every Red Sox and Bruins game in HD, plus lots of other programming in HD. Yet it is common for it to use NESN […]

Season 4 has ended

I just recently discovered 24, just hours before the first episode of Season 4 aired. I have been hooked on every minute of the show since. In fact, all season long, I have watched all but 20 minutes total of the season. I can see why everyone is hooked by this show. What an ending […]