Power outages continue

In day two of the Ice Storm of 2008 here in Manchester, New Hampshire. My wife and I are alright and staying warm at my parents house. Finally got a hold of the condo office and they said there is still no power there for 36 straight hours now. Over 380,000 people are still without […]

Ice Storm of 2008

Here in New Hampshire we woke up to a major ice storm. Over 200,000 people are without power (including my home) and there are downed trees everywhere. While ice on trees look beautiful, it is so destructive! Temps at the moment are 34 degrees, which is just 2 degrees above freezing. So much water everywhere, […]


Just in case any of you were wondering, I was not in the path of the tornado that went through eastern NH today. I was about 15-20 miles away from where it struck. We had some very bad storms today but I never thought a tornado would come here of all places. Relatives I had […]

A snowy commute

When I decided to take my current job in Concord in April 2006, I knew that during the winter it had the potential of some real nasty commutes. For those of you who don’t know, the stretch of I-93 between Manchester and Concord can be quiet bad during the winter. Especially with the idiots who […]

Another storm

Once again, it is nearly mid-March and we have another snow storm in the wonderful land of New Hampshire as I write this. Last I heard, 6-10 inches should fall during the day today. I am so sick of this snow and how cold it has been. I want spring to come so I don’t […]

It's MARCH, why is there snow?

I just experienced what was probably my worst commute home since I started driving nearly seven years ago. It had rained all night and morning here in Manchester, then switched very quickly over snow with high winds. It was near whiteout conditions by the time I got out of work around 5pm. I decided that […]