Would we switch to Verizon for the iPhone?

With the recent announcement that the iPhone is going to be available on Verizon Wireless in less than a month, I thought about whether it would make sense to leave AT&T. At this time, I think no, although not by choice.

First reason is simple: we are under contract until June 2012, because we bought the iPhone 4 when it it came out. Thus to break our contract now would cost over $250 per phone.

Verizon’s reliability is going to be interesting to see. They have long been the best wireless provider in New Hampshire, but with thousands of new iPhones being activated in the next month on their network, it will be interesting to see how it holds up. I rather wait to see how happy the early adopters are.

That said, the following is why I would switch from AT&T if it were an option:

  • AT&T sucks in New Hampshire. Once you get out of the major cities in the south eastern part of the state, you are lucky to get EDGE coverage, nevermind 3G. Verizon 3G is so much faster compared to EDGE. Pretty much everywhere in NH you can get Verizon 3G coverage.
  • Everyone in NH that doesn’t have an iPhone already is on Verizon. Thus new Verizon iPhone users would get unlimited mobile to mobile minutes for the vast majority of people they call in NH.

It will be interesting to see how things turn out the next few months. My mother is getting an iPhone on Verizon and one of my brothers might as well.

The Pursuit of Wireless

I dislike wires with a passion. They take up space, never look neat (well, at least when I am involved in hooking them up), and in most cases completely unnecessary. Especially for home use, there is few times when you really do need to grab that Ethernet cable.

With the recent purchase of my HP Photosmart C7280, I was able to completely remove the 7-port USB hub I had previously attached to my Macbook. That hub at the time had my USB hard drive, iPod sync cable, and digital camera cable plugged in, since I would only need to plug 1 USB cord into my laptop.

Now I neatly wrapped up my iPod and digital camera cables, so they take up little space and put them into my drawer. When needed, I take them out and plug them into my laptop. What the concept!

I leave my USB hard drive unplugged from my Macbook and try to plug it in whenever I am at my desk using the Macbook. That will automatically kick off a Time Machine backup. This is not ideal (I have to remember to plug it in for a backup to start), but it will do until I can afford a Time Capsule.

So right now, the only cords that remain plugged in 100% of time when I am at my home desk are the Macbook power cord and the speaker cable. So in the end, the amount of “wire clutter” (for lack of a better term) has been greatly reduced on my desk, but not completely. I need that Time Capsule to finish the process of moving “wireless.” Anyone want to buy it for me? 😉