In Defence Of WordPress

I’m very impressed with how much easier it is to maintain WordPress than back in the day. Especially when it comes to automatic updates. The internet is verbally attacking WordPress again. I read a lot of hate towards WordPress for its latest security vulnerabilities that have become public. What I don’t see is praise in how […]

A new home and domain

I’m pleased to announce that my web site / blog now has a new home. I have consolidated my domains from and to Additionally, this is now hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS. Consolidating Domains I’ve been blogging now for about 12 years, with archives dating back 10 years. In the past, whenever I wanted […]

Updates to the blog

A few updates to my blog: I am now using WordPress 3.0 on this blog. I have switched to using the new default theme in WordPress 3.0. Given the lack of discussion on almost all of my posts and the amount of comment spam on old posts I see despite several comment spam plugins, I […]

Akismet Worst Offenders plugin

Ever wanted an easy way to sort through all of that spam caught by Akismet (just now, I had to look at 175 spam comments since yesterday)? Akismet Worst Offenders plugin is just for you. It groups your suspected spam comments by IP address or web site. Then a delete button allows you to easily […]